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Auricap XO-film-600 Volt/0,01 – 6,8 µF


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Auricap XO are high resolution precision wound metallized polypropylene capacitors manufactured by Audience AV, U.S.A.

600V dc, 10% (with own control measurements gives the tolerance normally below +/- 3%)
Type: Metallized Polypropylene film

0,01 µF 0,015 µF 0,022 µF 0,033 µF 0,047 µF 0,1 µF 0,22 µF 0,33 µF 0,47 µF
Length mm 15,0 15,0 15,7 16,0 19,4 19,4 20,6 22,8 22,4
Diamter mm 10,5 11,8 13,3 15,0 17,7 24,2 13,6 16,1 18,6


1,0 µF 2,2 µF 4,7 µF 6,8 µF
Length 29,5 28,6 38,0 45,6
Diamter 21,8 30,4 38,0 36,9

Auricap XO is classified as “audio grade”, i.e. adapted for audio use, but the model is designed for applications in signal processing (signal coupling and filters) and for relaxation applications (power supply).

Reduced parasitic/lower ESR
Extended effective bandwidth
Improved retrieval of low level information
RoHS Compliant: YES

Auricap XO is a new high performance capacitor product from Audience that is the result of careful consideration of all aspects of capacitor design and manufacturing process.
Auricap XO is manufactured with the very best polypropylene film and high purity copper wires.
As with all metallized polypropylene film capacitors, Auricaps are self-healing. Failure mode is like an open circuit.

This design provides low ESR which improves the effective bandwidth, clarity (less colored noise) lower noise level. More transparent, in other words.

Auricap metallized polypropylene capacitors are cylindrically wound with epoxy end filling and have very good volumetric efficiency.
They are manufactured to exacting industry-leading specifications to meet or exceed the requirements of MIL-C-55514A and MIL-STD-E Method 103B.

Auricaps are designed to be a general purpose capacitor for use in any application where size, value and temperature considerations are appropriate.
They are useful in signal coupling, filtering and power factor correction.

Auricap Metallized polypropylene capacitors are rated for use in the -55 to +85°C temperature range. Auricaps have proven industry leading reliability and are 100% tested to meet specifications.

Auricap film capacitors are not polarized. However, the Auricaps have an outer foil which is a very useful noise shield when the input and output impedances are significantly different values and it is connected to the lower impedance. Auricap’s connection to the outer foil is identified by a black marking (black dot at the cable/epoxy end).

1) In all switching applications, the input to the Auricap should be the black wire and connected to the signal source or circuit output with the other wire continuing to the next circuit input.

2) In all power supply disconnect applications, the outer foil or black wire should be connected to ground and the other wire connected to the voltage to be disconnected.

3) In speaker crossover applications, if the Auricap is in series, feeding a tweeter, the black wire connects to the input binding post and the other wire connects to the tweeter. When the Auricap is in parallel, which is typically used for bass speakers, the black wire connects to the speaker terminal that connects to the input binding post, and the other wire connects to the other speaker terminal. Follow the same rules for intermediate connections where you have a combination of both.

The idea is to always have the outer foil connected to the lower impedance to give the outer foil shielding against noise/interference. Circuit outputs always have lower impedance than inputs and should be connected to the outer foil.

The manufacturer believes that the product should be “burned in” for optimal function. Read more

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0.01 μF, 0.015 μF, 0.022 μF, 0.033 μF, 0.047 μF, 0.1 μF, 0.22 μF, 0.33 μF, 0.47 μF, 1.0 μF, 2.2 μF, 4.7 μF, 6.8 μF




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