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CLARITYCAP TC, 4 CONNECTORS (Kelvin), film/PSU CAPACITOR/ 50-200 mf/ 600 V


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Metallized polypropylene film capacitor for power supply units (PSU), Kelvin model (TC4)


The Kelvin model becomes like an extra filter that reduces high-frequency noise. A both unique and smart combi solution.

Tolerance: 3%
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Manufactured from polypropylene film, precisely metallized with a unique pattern that enhances self-healing, these capacitors provide a dramatic improvement in performance over electrolytic types. The equivalent series resistance (ESR) and inductance of the TC capacitor is a fraction of an electrolytic and therefore instantly delivers all its power exactly when needed. The dry construction also ensures that performance is maintained for the expected life of the amplifier.

In electrolytic capacitors, evaporation of the electrolyte reduces the capacitance and dramatically increases the ESR during lifetime, leading to performance degradation. In professional equipment, which is often delivered in aircraft carriers without pressure, this process is accelerated.
All TC capacitors are unpolarized, which makes assembly easier and less error-prone. The high voltage values eliminate the need for serial parallel connection.


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Kelvin line connectors offer a very effective decoupling of high frequency power supply noise from the signal path when properly connected.

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130 μF, 200 μF, 50 μF, 70 μF



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