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complete module SOFT START CONTROLLER, 25 A/ SSC25


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Soft Start Controller Module, 25 A

A very practical and smart module that enables a soft start for single-phase devices

Also suitable for starting up amplifiers (couldn’t be easier)
Easy installation
Robust construction
Suitable for both industrial and DIY applications

The unit is suitable for most resistive and inductive loads within voltage and power limitation, such as
heat lamps, fans, pumps and other ac motor loads.
An amplifier or other device with a toroidal transformer gives a strong starting current (inrush current) when you switch on the power and normally you compensate for this with slow fuses, but with this module the course can be smoothly reduced.

Mains powered
Adjustable ramp-up of 1-40 s
10-50% pedestal, allows to set a variable point of voltage ramp-up
Suitable for loads of up to 25 A
Built-in damping network
Function for high inrush current
Semiconductor reliability
5 kV insulation voltage
TRIAC-limited current 26 A rms
The unit’s rated current 15 A


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